4:55       Wynners  

四點五十五分      溫拿五虎

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Yes I saw you at the station   是的,我在車站看到你  
Long distance smiles[1]   遠遠的帶著笑容  
You were leaving[2] for the weekend   你正準備要去度週末  
Catching[3] the four fifty-five   搭乘四點五十五分的班車  
With your new friend for the season   帶著你這一季的新朋友  
Another sad-eyed clown[4]   又一個眼神悲傷的小丑  
Helping to the seeing that your fantasies[5] go down   幫助你看清你的幻想破滅
And I have to wonder[6] to myself   我不禁感到懷疑  
Why you have to go so far[7]   你為何要遠去
Drifting with life's daydreams[8]   隨著不切實際的夢想四處漂泊  
Trying to play the star   想要當大明星
I still remember when you said   我還記得你曾說過:
"Baby, now let's get away"   "寶貝,讓我們遠走高飛吧!"  
And I followed you like a schoolboy[9] 而我竟像個小學生一樣跟著你
I guess that's part[10] of the game   我想那是遊戲的一部份  
Now you call me say you're sorry   如今,你打電話來道歉  
Give me long distance love   給我一份遙遠的愛
You say you'd like to[11] see me   你說你想要見我  
Maybe just for a while[12]   或許只要一會兒  
And you'd meet me at the station   你想約在車站見面  
There on platform[13] nine   就在九號月台  
And we'd leave for the weekend   我倆可以共度週末  
Riding the four fifty-five   搭乘四點五十五的班車  
*But I've played this scene too many times[14]   但這一幕我已演過太多遍了
To ever feel the part[15] again   再也無法入戲  
I don't really want to fake[16] it   我真的無法再假裝了
I already know the end   我已經知道結局
So bye bye, Cin-Cinderella[17]   所以,再見了,灰姑娘  
Everything just has to change   這一切都必須改變  
And the midnight blues are calling[18]   而午夜的憂鬱的藍調在呼喚了  
I guess that's part of the game   我想那是遊戲的一部份

Translated by Sammiwago 2005.01.26


再點選[  ]可以回到歌詞

[1] Distance (n) 距離 long distance 在此指「距離很遠的…」 smile (n) 微笑

[2] be leaving 離開,leave是「往返動詞」,可用進行式代替未來式。

[3] catch a train  ()搭火車

[4] another 另一個  sad 悲傷的 eyedeye「眼睛」加上d變成形容詞  clown 小丑

[5] fantasy (n) 幻想;想像的東西

[6] wonder (v) 感到好奇、奇怪;納悶;想知道;自問

[7] far (adj. adv.)   片語:go too far 太過份

[8] drift (v) 漂流;漂泊   daydream (v. n.) ()白日夢

[9] follow (v) 跟隨  schoolboy (n) 學童;男學生

[10] guess (v) 猜想   part (n) 部份

[11] you’d like to = you would like to 你想要

[12] while (n) 一段時間   for a while 一陣子;一下下

[13] platform (n) 月台;講台

[14] scene (n) (電影中的)場景、片段   many times 很多次    too … to V 太…而不能…

[15] part (n) 角色  play the part of 扮演…的角色  feel the part 指「用心體會如何扮演…角色」

[16] fake (v) 假裝( = pretend)    (adj) 仿冒的  (n) 仿冒品;贋品

[17] Cinderella  (某童話故事的女主角) 灰姑娘

[18] midnight 午夜   the blues 藍調歌曲,曲調憂傷,引申為憂鬱。