Yesterday once more[1]      Carpenters  

昨日重現     木匠兄妹

When I was young, I'd[2] listen to the radio, 當我年輕的時候,我會聽收音機,
Waiting for my favorite songs.                                   等待我最喜歡的歌。
When they played I'd sing along[3], 播出來的時候我會跟著唱,
it made me smile[4].   那讓我微笑。
 Those were such happy times[5].  那些時光真是快樂。
And not so long ago, 不久以前,
how I wondered[6] where they'd gone[7].  我多麼想知道他們到哪去了。
But they're back again, just like a long lost[8] friend. 他們又回來了,就像一個失去很久的朋友,
All the songs I loved so well. 那些我所鐘愛的歌曲。
*Every Sha-la-la-la, every wo-o-wo-o still shines[9]. 每句莎拉拉拉,每一個喔喔喔喔,依然閃亮。
Every shing-a-ling-a-ling
that they're starting to sing’s so fine.  每句開頭是星兒玲兒玲的,都是這麼美好。
When they get to the part where he's breaking her heart,    當唱到他害她心碎的部份時,
It can really make me cry, just like before.  真的會讓我哭,就像以前一樣。
It's yesterday once more.  彷彿昨日重現。
Looking back on[10] how it was in years gone by[11]   回顧消逝的歲月裡的種種,
And the good times that[12] I had  以及我曾有過的美好時光,
Makes today seem rather sad[13].  讓當下變得令人悲傷。
So much has changed[14].        很多事已經改變了。

It was songs of love that I would sing to them[15]. 

And I'd memorize[16] each word.  而且我會記得每一個字。
Those old melodies still sound so good to me, 那些古老的旋律我聽來仍然美好,
As they melt the years away[17].   當它們把歲月融化時。
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**All my best memories come back clearly to me.

Some can even[18] make me cry, just like before.  有一些甚至會讓我哭,就像以前一樣。
It's yesterday once more.  彷彿昨日重現。  
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單字詳解點選 [  ] 可以回到歌曲內容

[1] once more 再一次;once 一次;more 再;更

[2] I would的縮寫,wouldwill的過去式,這裡表過去的習慣。

[3] sing along跟著唱

[4] make me smile讓我笑;make + 受詞 + V:讓(使)~

[5] such 這麼的;times時光;時期

[6] how多麼;wonder (v) 想知道

[7] they had gone的縮寫;had +過去分詞=過去完成式,表「已經去」

[8] lost (adj) 失去的,lose的過去分詞當形容詞。

[9] still仍然;shine閃亮

[10] look back (on sth) 回顧某人的過去(的某事)

[11] years (that has) gone by的簡略,已消逝的年頭。(時間) go by,時間消逝。

[12] that關係代名詞,無意,帶領子句(I had)修飾前面的名詞times

[13] make … seem句型同(4)seem似乎,後面加adj.rather (adv)相當地

[14] has changed已經改變;has+過去分詞(pp)=已經~

[15] It is ~that~是「強調句型」強調唱的是「情歌」,原句本為:I would sing songs of love to them.

[16] memorize (v) 記住、背;memory (n) 記憶

[17] as當…時,melt sth away把…融化、溶解而消失,這句為引申用法。

[18] even 甚至