Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (聖誕老公公進城來)

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You better[1] watch out[2]         你最好小心,
You better not cry[3]                             你不要再哭,
Better not pout[4] 不要嘟嘴,
I'm telling you why 我告訴你說,
Santa Claus[5] is coming to town[6]           聖誕老公公快要來了。
He's making a list[7]   他寫了名單,
And checking[8] it twice[9] 又檢查兩遍,
Gonna[10] find out[11] Who's naughty[12] and nice 看看誰頑皮誰最乖巧,
Santa Claus is coming to town 聖誕老公公快要來了。
He sees you when[13] you're sleeping 他看得到你睡覺,
He knows when you're awake[14]   你不睡他也知道,
He knows if[15] you've been bad[16] or good    他知道你有沒有壞壞,
So[17] be good for goodness sake[18]!  Oh! 所以千萬你要乖。 噢!  
O! You better watch out!  你最好小心,
You better not cry 你不要再哭,
Better not pout 不要嘟嘴,
I'm telling you why 我告訴你說,
Santa Claus is coming to town  聖誕老公公快要來了,
Santa Claus is coming to town 聖誕老公公快要來了。

Chinese lyrics written by Sammiwago at KKJH, Dec. 17, 2002   

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按前面的 [   ] 可回到歌詞

[1] 此處是「had better」的簡寫,其後加原形動詞,表「最好…」had better not… 最好不要…

[2] watch out 小心;注意= look out

    例:Watch out! There’s a car coming. 小心!有車來了。

[3] cry  v.  

例: Don't cry, my baby.  Mom is here with you.  別哭了,小寶貝。媽媽在這裡。

[4] pout 嘟嘴

例:The child pouted, cried, and went into a tantrum.  這個小孩嘟起嘴來哭,大發脾氣。

[5] Santa Claus 聖誕老人

例:Santa Claus brings presents only to the good kids.  聖誕老人只給乖小孩禮物。

[6] town n.

城鎮 come to town 進城  hometown 家鄉  Puzih town 朴子鎮  downtown 市區;市中心

[7] list  n. 表單      make a list 列表

[8] check v. 檢查;看 

例:I heard something out there.  Can you check it out? (= take a look at it)

[9] twice兩次   once一次   three times三次 

;例: I have seen this movie twice. 我已看過這部電影兩次了。

[10] gonna = (be) going to 將要

例:Don't run!  I'm gonna kill you! You are dead! 別跑!我要宰了你,你死定了。

[11] find  v.    find out  找出

例:It's hard to find a job. 找工作很難。

        I will find out the answer.我會把答案找出來。

[12] naughty adj. 頑皮的 

例:You are such a naughty boy!  Look what you've done! 你真是調皮,看你做了什麼。

[13] when  當…時候 

例:When I was a kid, I liked to swim in the stream. 我小時候,喜歡去小溪游泳。

[14] awake  adj.醒著的

例:Are you awake? 你醒著嗎?

       The noise of the traffic kept me awake. 交通噪音使我無法入眠。

  比較: asleep 睡著的    例: He felt asleep. 他睡著了。

[15] if  是否

例:I don't know if I am right.  我不知道我是不是對的。

比較:if 假如    例: If it rains, I won't go. 如果下雨我就不去。

[16] bad  adj. 壞的 

例:Be a good child.  Don't be a bad child. 當個乖小孩,不要當壞小孩。

[17] so  所以

例:It was raining, so I didn't go.

例:下雨了所以我就沒去。= Because it was raining, I didn't go.


比較: so 如此   Why did you get up so early? 你幹嘛這麼早起?

[18] for goodness' sake 看在老天份上,你嘛幫幫忙 = for God's sake

例:For goodness' sake,  give me a break! 你嘛幫幫忙,饒了我吧!