Longer Dan Fogelberg

永恆 丹佛傑伯

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*Longer[1] than there’ve been[2] fishes in the ocean[3],


Higher[4] than any bird ever flew[5],


Longer than there’ve been stars[6] up in the heavens[7],


I've been[8] in love with[9] you.


Stronger[10] than any mountain[11] cathedral[12],


Truer[13] than any tree[14] ever grew[15],


Deeper[16] than any forest primeval[17],


I am in love with you.


I'll bring[18] fire[19] in the winter.


You'll send[20] showers[21] in the springs.


We'll fly through[22] the falls and summers with love on our wings[23].


Through the years as[24] the fire starts[25] to mellow[26],


Burning[27] lines[28] in the book of our lives,


(Though[29]) Binding cracks[30] and the pages[31] start to yellow[32],


I'll be in love with you. (Repeat*)


Chinese translation by Sammiwago 2004, May 18 中文翻譯,來自蝦米


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[1] longer 比較長的,long的比較級 than conj. ~

[2] there have been 的縮寫,there be是「有」,此為現在完成式,意為「曾經有過,已經有」

[3] ocean n. 海洋 fish 魚,通常複數也不用加es,但這裡指「海裡各式各樣的魚」所以加上es

[4] higher adj. 比較高的,high的比較級

[5] flew v. 飛,fly的過去式 ever adv. 曾經 Have you ever been to the US? 你曾經去過美國嗎?

[6] star 星星 There are no stars out tonight. 今天晚上沒有星星出來。

[7] heavens 當「天空(=sky)」時應用複數。Heavy clouds appeared in the heavens. 天空出現厚雲。

[8] I have been的縮寫,I am(我是)是現在式,I have been是現在完成式,意為「我已經是,我曾是」

[9] be/ fall in love with sb. 與某人談戀愛、墜入愛河。 I think I am/ fall in love with you. 我想我是愛上你了。

[10] stronger 比較強壯,strong的比較級

[11] mountain

[12] cathedral 總教堂,為一個區域所有教堂(church)的總教堂,為主教(bishop)所在。

[13] truer adj. 更真實的,true的比較級 Your dream will come true some day. 你的夢有一天會成真。

[14] tree Children like to build their own tree houses. 小孩子喜歡蓋自己的樹屋。

[15] grew 成長,grow的過去式 Plants grow from seeds. 植物是由種子長成的。

[16] deep 深;deeper是比較級 Relax! Take a deep breath. 放鬆!深呼吸。

[17] primeval adj. 原始的 forest ['fCr0st] n. 森林

[18] bring v. 帶來 Take this empty box away and bring me a full one. 把這個空瓶拿走,拿一瓶滿的給我。

[19] fire n. The house is on fire. 房子著火了。

[20] send v. 寄送;派遣 His mother sent him to the shop to get some bread. 他媽媽派他去店裡買些麵包。

[21] shower n. 陣雨。也可當「沖澡」。 I take a shower before going to work. 我上班前都會沖個澡。

[22] through 穿過 Read through Paragraph One before we talk about it. 在我們討論以前,把第一段看一遍。

[23] wing n. 翅膀 Birds have wings so they can fly. 鳥有翅膀,所以會飛。

[24] conj. 在此等於when I watched her as she combed her hair. 她梳頭時我一直看著她。

[25] start v. 開始 The first class starts at 8:30. 第一節課在八點半開始。

[26] mellow 變得溫柔、柔和

[27] burn v. 燃燒;燙傷 The soup is very hot. Don’t burn your mouth. 湯很熱,別燙著了嘴。

[28] line n. Sign your name on the dotted line. 在虛線處簽你的名字。

[29] though 雖然 Though he was only twelve, he could run faster than I. 雖然他只有十二歲,但他可以跑得比我快。

[30] binding n. 書的封皮 crack v. 裂開;出現裂痕

[31] page 書的) Look at the questions on Page 5. 看第五頁的問題。

[32] 此當動語,變黃之意。